Welcome To the Ayush Group OF Enterprise

The ayush Group of enterprise established at 2006, is a dynamic and dedicated group of edible oil manufacturing and packaging company completely dedicated towards the customers base line and satisfaction. We at Ayush, do not compromise the health issue of our customers because we believe “our customer’s Health is Our Wealth”.

Ayush Enterprises was set up in 2006-2007. Company is engaged in the packaging of Refined Vegetable Oil under different product ranges. Company started its business with Two Products in the name of RIDDAM (Refined Soya Bean Oil) and GURU (R.B.D. Palmolein Oil).

Company grew year by year as it is reflected in its turnover. At present Companies daily turnover is near 100Tonne Per Day. Company’s distribution network is near PUNE and NAGPUR.

In April, 2013 Company Established New Tin Manufacturing Machine and launched a new product in new Tin, in the name of Sunstar.

About Us